The Rise of Tiny Homes

ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE. SOCIALLY SUSTAINABLE. ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE. The rise of tiny homes in Aotearoa New Zealand accelerated through the COVID-19 world pandemic. For some New Zealanders, lockdown altered mentalities, returning to a pre-industrialisation mindset where happiness and homeliness are achieved purposefully. 


Tiny homes are at the epicentre of pop culture and have been since 2020. Trends on TikTok have accelerated this alongside the likes of Instagram influencers who showcase their tiny homes or ‘glam vans’ regularly. Additionally, television shows such as Tiny House Nation on Netflix have catapulted tiny homes into the limelight.

Some want to escape the hamster cage. Some want to downsize their home and space. Some want to leap onto the property ladder in an affordable manner. Some want to live rural. Some want to be as close to the beach as possible. Tiny houses can achieve all of these wants and desires for Kiwis.

Typically, tiny homes are built in an eco-friendly and compact manner (as the name would suggest). These homes are also usually designed to be relocatable, allowing owners to lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Because of their size and structure, less building material is required, meaning the build is sustainable. Another sustainable aspect is that of their energy consumption, which is significantly less compared to a conventional sized home. Owners of tiny homes are often able to master and maximise storage space whilst living more efficiently. 

Of course, there are other considerations to be made. Because of the immense downsizing, tiny homes may not be suitable for large families, rather someone riding solo or perhaps a young couple. Additionally, foregoing luxuries such as indoor space is an unfortunate aspect of tiny homes. However, most tiny homes enthusiasts would be well aware of this, and in fact may desire less indoor space to utilise the beautiful outdoor space where most tiny homes are situated.

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