The Benefits of Implementing Solar Power into New Builds

Implementing forms of solar power such as solar panels to newly constructed homes has several advantages for homebuilders. They can add value to the home, save money and protect against power outages. There are a vast array of environmental benefits gained too.

Firstly, adding solar panels to a new build can financially benefit the homeowner when they go on to sell the home. A study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory identified that homeowners are willing to pay a premium for a home that has an average size hosted solar array. Therefore, marketing a home as being built with solar panels can draw the attention of environmentally conscious customers who are looking for such a home with  sustainability-oriented values. Also, adding solar panels to a new build can be a competitive selling point when compared to other newly constructed homes on the market. Overall, solar panels undoubtedly increase property value.

An alternative to adding solar panels is building with a solar ready roof where there is the same construction and design considerations as homes with solar panels, but the panels can be added later, making them appealing for those who might want to invest in the future but are not ready to make the initial investment. 

Implementing solar power into a new build can also benefit homeowners by protecting against power outages. This is because solar power provides a reliable source of energy that is not dependent on the power grid. As solar power is stored in batteries, energy can still be provided to the home and its occupants irrespective of power outages.

Finally, solar power is environmentally beneficial. It can improve air quality and reduce water use from energy production, which makes it a resource-conscious and sustainably aligned form of energy. Solar power also ensures fewer greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted, helping to reduce the households’ carbon footprint. It is undeniable that solar power will be fundamental in the Earth’s future. There is a pressing need for more forms of renewable energy, especially in the face of worldwide climate change. New Zealand must also achieve the government’s target of 50% of total final energy consumption coming from renewable sources by 2035. This is important to take note of as the nation and home buyers are becoming more energy conscious and environmentally aware. 

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