Engaging with your builder early on

There are a multitude of aspects to the building process. Engaging with a builder early on in the process is the best way to ensure the process kicks off to the right start. Collaborative processes with a great builder can bring together all ideas related to a prospective building project whether that be a quality renovation or an architectural new-build. Builders are truly there to advocate for your vision. 

Collaboration is key in the industry. When engaging with a builder early on, the builder can comprehensively analyse the design and direct the client to elements that may not be functional or cost-effective. Builders involvement, at this early stage, can lead to better outcomes with professional knowledge where alternative approaches and/or materials can be suggested to the client. The extra attention supplied by builders from the outset can give forth the ability to avoid unnecessary potential future costs for needing to alter design plans. 

Many people contact architects or designers first. This is understandable. While architects and designers are admirable in what they do, builders have much to contribute in the process when it comes to important preliminary aspects such as layouts, design and choice of materials. To work and engage with a builder from the outset of your building process, including design, has remarkable advantages for the building process. This includes but is not limited to saving clients money and time, collaborating effectively with the architect and client as well as getting the best outcome for the client and building project. It can also limit variations onsite once the building project commences, as the builder can potentially foresee any issues that may be prevalent with Council and/or design plans. 

Having the builder involved from early stages in the building process can ensure that clients budget requirements are adequately met. This leads to a cost-effective outcome where the client will be satisfied, not only with the completion of their building project, but with the pricing. 

Additionally, reputable and experienced builders, such as the team from Korben Homes will have the knowledge to guide clients through permits, contracts and council approval where relevant for the project. Once there are comprehensive plans ready for Council submission, the builder can provide indicative pricing for the project and this can be affirmed upon the Council consent being obtained. This early and collaborative communication is exactly what is required to build the home of one’s dreams. A new-build or renovation will always be vastly benefitted from the architect, builder and client being engaged from the outset to achieve the clients desired outcome. It leads to a home delivered to the client on time, within budget and to perfection – the end result fitting the brief of exactly what was discussed in the early design stages of the building process.

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