The Renaissance of Art Deco

Art Deco (Décoratifs) homes have been experiencing a large resurgence in popularity as of late. Originating in 1925 from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in France, these homes were in peak popularity from the 1920’s and 1930’s, echoing the energy of The Great Gatsby. New and evolving projects, interior spaces and furniture worldwide are reflecting this highly glamorous time period, showing art deco’s overdue renaissance. Today, the revival of art deco represents a longing for the feeling of hope and excitement, post-pandemic. 

Art Deco homes are mainly associated with making a big statement. Often these homes bring a twist on historic design elements with futuristic design. This is done through incorporating bold geometric shapes, symmetrical designs, prominent arches and angled architecture, luxurious fabrics and high contrasting colour arrangements. Structurally, art deco homes have flat roofs, stucco clad walls, parapet walls, rounded corners, semi-circular curved walls and external decorations such as horizontal lines or zig zags.

Like most other countries, New Zealand had two primary forms of art deco homes that were built throughout the 1930’s. The first, ‘speculative’, had common characteristics to the traditional New Zealand homes at the time, however, differed in having plastered walls, flat roofs, rounded corners and less embellishments overall. The other prominent form of art deco home was regarded as ‘architecturally designed’. These homes were less common, significantly due to the nature of their expense.

Whilst there is a rise in popularity for art deco design worldwide, there is also a pressing need for many of the New Zealand 1930’s built homes to undergo renovation works. Undergoing a renovation of these homes must be done meticulously and carefully. This is in order to retain the vivid and unique character of its build style. Not only is this important for maintaining the special visual aesthetic associated with art deco homes, but also for retaining the property’s value. Often, many art deco home renovations have involved installing insulation, removing internal walls to give an open feel to the home, roof installation, re-cladding, the replacement of internal wall linings and the addition of decks and external doors to facilitate better flow between the indoor and outdoor environments. Note that some local councils throughout Aotearoa New Zealand have implemented special restrictions that can impact the building work on art deco homes, for the preservation of their unique design and build character. 

Get in touch with Korben Homes today if you’re wishing to renovate an art deco home. We can help you incorporate architecturally unique elements and infuse bold design elements into your renovation, for the luxurious and exuberant feel of an art deco home.

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