Retractable Roofing – The Open Roof Louvre

Unequivocally, living in New Zealand means kiwis are constantly met with unpredictable and unforeseen weather. In the middle of a scorching summer, it can be impossible to endure the heat and sunlight in your backyard. In winter, rainfall, wind and a lack of shelter make it all the more undelightful to spend any time outside. Even some days, all four seasons can be present at dawn, morning, afternoon, dusk, evening and night. However, introducing retractable roofing (an open roof louvre system) can eliminate any issues caused by New Zealand’s unpredictable weather all-year-round.

Installing a retractable roof is the most simple and effective way to utilise your outdoor living space throughout the entirety of the year, and all years to come. It allows for you to choose when you want to utilise the roof, or otherwise not. Perhaps you may be wanting additional shade in and around your house in summer for either UV protection or to create a shaded sanctuary. As an alternative, you may want to retract the shade back in summer to soak in the rays and get some vitamin D. Throughout the year, retractable roofs are particularly useful for home-owners wanting ideal indoor-outdoor flow in their home – a feature many kiwi homes aspire to attain. In most weather circumstances, homes with retractable roofing are able to maintain this indoor-outdoor flow whether it be rain or shine. This is a key feature for home-owners who regularly host and entertain, endeavouring to maintain that ideal flow.

Retractable roofing systems also increase the aesthetic appeal and the value of homes, particularly patios and outdoor areas. This wonderful feature to a home adds an effective design element that is architecturally bespoke yet functional with a genuine practical use in one’s living experience. Not only is it functional for the living experience, but also has pragmatic benefits such as protecting outdoor furnishings and decking from any fading due to sun exposure.

Many retractable open roof louvre systems are motorised for convenience. Some are operable through a remote control, wall switch or even from a smartphone application downloadable on phone, tablet or other compatible devices.

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