This project is a stunning villa-style home in Freemans Bay with a beautifully furnished bathroom, an ensuite and a toilet. Before entry into the guest toilet, the three-piece integrated artwork weaved into elegant wall panelling leaves viewers no choice but to be stunned. The speckled grey tiling gives forth an exquisite feel with the LED-backlit mirror.


The ensuite maintains the luxuriousness with neutral tones used in the tiling, paint, accessories and cabinetry. Undeniably, a magnitude of opulence is felt in this space.


The main bathroom gives guests a warm feeling, with stunningly curated timber cabinetry. A prodigious shower matched with a divinely large bathtub ensures a luxurious feel. This bathroom’s unquestionable luxury does not retract from its inviting nature, prompted by warm tones integrated by its lighting.


Beautifully crafted with Rare Birds Interiors and captured by Kelsie Barley Photography.

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