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Pavilion-style homes incorporate flares of contemporary living with bespoke mid-century designs. These homes are perfect for the climatic conditions of New Zealand as well as the lifestyle that many Kiwis tend to live. Pavilion-style homes have grown recently prominent ever since they were first seen in the 1920’s-1930’s. Essentially, these homes are box-shaped with a focus on glass-oriented architecture. This accounts for the surrounding scenery and environment, allowing flow between the interior and exterior. The open-plan structure of the homes’ interior allows for a modernised lifestyle to suit the needs of everyday Kiwis.

With the interior, pavilion-style homes stay true to the principle of openness. These homes keep the space feeling vast, with a great deal of space for Kiwis to carry out their flexible lifestyles. With larger rooms, a luxurious lifestyle can be attained whilst ensuring the space can be used for practical purposes.

Pavilion-style homes also have the utmost indoor-outdoor flow, where the interior and exterior spaces of the home are closely aligned, with a seamless integrated design. This allows for the ease of access between indoor and outdoor spaces, which is crucial to the Kiwi lifestyle. Often, sliding and bi-fold glass doors connect the indoor living areas to decks, balconies or patios. As a result, this blends the areas into one integrated living space, which is perfect in summer-time for a classic Kiwi BBQ.

These homes also use simplistic box-like shaped volumes that are situated in context of the surrounding environment. Typically, pavilion-style homes are oriented in relation to the local environment, ensuring the best views are achieved. Often, the simplicity of these box-shaped or rectangular-like homes merge within their natural environment, which often appeals with the likes of Kiwis’ dream-homes.

Pavilion-style homes ensure all-round natural lighting with glass curtain walls across much of the exterior. It further facilitates the feeling of spaciousness that inhabitants tend to associate with their pavilion-style homes. Furthermore, it allows for more view of the local environment. With more glass walls, the home also promotes more ventilation, making it a healthier home for living.

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