Key considerations when choosing a section to build on

There are many considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a section of land to build on.

The first consideration should be the size of the section. This will always be central to the prospective home-owner, as it is determinative of the size of the home. Note, the typical section size has notably decreased over time, as population numbers have risen and subdivisions have become prevalent. Section size is important for ascertaining the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the spatial allocation of other interior spaces. Additionally, section size is central to space allocation for exterior areas such as the garden, garage, outdoor living space, and driveway. 

The shape and gradient of the section is also paramount to consider when choosing a section of land to build on. Shape is often a key factor in assessing what type of home can be built on the section. For example, a square-shaped section is often easier for prospective home buyers to build on, as this allows for more flexibility and variability with the homes’ design. In contrast, narrow sections are less ideal as they often limit the design scope available – restricting buyers to particular shapes and sizes. Of course, this is all dependent on the amount of square metres in the section. The land gradient is also a key consideration. While steeper sections are often affordable, they can be much more expensive to build upon. Inherently, more work will need to be done regarding earthworks and preparing the foundation of the land. Additionally, steep sections make the process of removing topsoil, grubbing, excavation and dewatering more complicated than flat-based sections. Consequently, special design work must be done to ensure the home will be steady on steeper sections, which restricts home buyers who are aspirational in their architectural vision. 

Accessibility is another key consideration. For example, thinking about the access from the land to the road is significant, especially for families who are looking to purchase a section. Also, thought should be given into whether there is a shared driveway or not, as this may impact prospective buyers’ use of the land. Giving further consideration to potential barriers such as trees, power-lines and nearby farmland and farm animals is essential, as these may also obstruct the way the property can be used.

Finally, utilities are also important to consider. Understanding what utilities and services are already connected to the site will help ascertain what further work needs to be done, if that section were chosen. If electricity, plumbing and waterworks are not already connected, it may require much more additional work and planning for prospective buyers. This is key to consider, as it may impact the time frame of which future building work occurs. Moreover, implementing these utilities can be costly, especially in rural areas. Therefore, understanding how much it will cost to implement these utilities is also essential. 

As outlined, there are many key considerations to think about when choosing a section of land to build on. If you are looking to purchase a new section or are in the process of currently doing so, contact Korben Homes today and we can help bring your new-build vision to fruition!

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