Diversity in the Building Industry

As in any industry, diversity in building is not only essential, but paramount. People are the foundation of any business. Therefore, having representation that showcases a variety of differing views, opinions, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences can help with company culture, which is further reflected in bespoke building work and better client relationships. Having a diverse workplace also provides material benefits to the business, including a variety of views, improved performance, increased creativity and production.

Building is inherently a male dominated industry due to existing social constructs related to gender norms. However, with changing world-views, employers must adapt their views to keep up with the readily diversifying workplace. In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in women joining the construction sector, particularly in New Zealand. According to OneStaff (Recruitment Agency), women now make up approximately 13% of all workers in New Zealand’s construction industry. However, in order to achieve the best outcomes for the industry and clients as a whole, this must increase.

Not only is gender diversity an important aspect of a business in the construction industry, but cultural and ethnic diversity is too. Having a wide array of cultures and ethnicities can promote better business and client outcomes, with enhanced cross-cultural relations and communication.

There are many other diversity efforts that must be addressed in addition to gender, culture and ethnicity. This includes varying age groups, education levels, disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community. Hiring people of different ages can provide a vast scope of perspective from younger generational and older generational views. These views, often conjunct, which facilitates an optimal learning experience in the workplace, where knowledge is passed on between generations, allowing for better business outcomes.

As we move further into the 21st century, businesses must strive to promote and advocate for diversity in all forms. Along with employers working to employ a more diverse workforce, other work needs to be done to make lasting change in the mindset of society. Businesses are doing this by putting their employees through focus groups, training, mentoring and unconscious bias training; these techniques allow for a more inclusive environment for new and existing employees.

We’re proud to be a supporter and an ambassador of diversity in Aotearoa. Korben Homes’ commitment to diversity leads to effective business outcomes that flow on to clients, allowing a world-class client experience.

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