Sustainable Building

Inherently, building is not environmentally friendly with all required materials and energy use. Homes are essential, however, and can be tackled in environmentally friendly ways to minimise carbon footprint and potential environmental implications. Simply using products and materials that are recyclable, reusable, save energy and water can achieve this. Without a doubt, an eco-friendly home […]

The Consent Process

What is Resource Consent and What is Building Consent? Often in the building process, consent is required by the local council, as regulated by Government statute through the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Building Act 2004. The former Act deals with resource consent while the latter Act concerns building consent. Both forms of consent […]

Top Tips for Renovating

Renovations have never been as topical as they are now with recent lockdowns prompting inspiration in many Kiwis to renovate. At Korben Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering quality renovations to the highest of standards and reaching our clients expectations and dreams for their newly renovated homes. Below are our top tips for any prospective […]

Engaging with your builder early on

There are a multitude of aspects to the building process. Engaging with a builder early on in the process is the best way to ensure the process kicks off to the right start. Collaborative processes with a great builder can bring together all ideas related to a prospective building project whether that be a quality […]