Extending Your Living Space

For homeowners looking to add more living space to their homes, building an extension can be an excellent option. Whether it’s to accommodate a growing family or create a new home office or entertainment room, extensions can be a cost-effective and practical solution. This blog will outline the key considerations when looking to extend a […]

Window Coverings: Which To Go For?

Windows are a major aspect of any room, as they provide natural light and fresh air, and can also add aesthetic desirability to a space. However, it is equally important to have proper window coverings that provide privacy and control over the amount of light entering a room. There are several types of window coverings […]

The Benefits of Implementing Solar Power into New Builds

Implementing forms of solar power such as solar panels to newly constructed homes has several advantages for homebuilders. They can add value to the home, save money and protect against power outages. There are a vast array of environmental benefits gained too. Firstly, adding solar panels to a new build can financially benefit the homeowner […]

H1 Building Code Changes

The New Zealand Building Code sets the regulations that outline the minimum standards for the design and construction of buildings in Aotearoa. Clause H1 (Energy Efficiency) outlines the requirements for energy efficiency in buildings. The recent changes to H1 aim to increase the energy efficiency of new buildings, reduce the carbon footprint of the built […]

The Importance of Healthy Homes

Healthy homes are important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to live. When a home is unhealthy, it can contribute to a range of physical and mental health problems for those residing in it.  One of the main ways in which unhealthy homes can […]

Garages: What to Keep in Mind

When purchasing a new home, often what comes to mind is the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces – these are often considered as the key priorities to purchasers. However, the garage has a fundamental role in Kiwi living. For this reason, garages should have a larger influence on people’s decisions regarding home buying, as it […]

Key considerations when choosing a section to build on

There are many considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a section of land to build on. The first consideration should be the size of the section. This will always be central to the prospective home-owner, as it is determinative of the size of the home. Note, the typical section size has notably […]

Managing Material Shortages and Price Increases

Building industries worldwide are facing a huge shortage of supplies, whether it be roofing, windows, screws or plasterboard. This issue is accompanied by price increases of up to 150% and labour shortages across the industry. As a result, building firms are facing reduced productivity and the ability to book jobs and continue cash flow has […]